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Technical Assistance

Roberto Rosales 

Tel: 505-934-3454

Uriel Martinez

Carols Linares Koloffon


Dr. Lisa Cacari Stone

Tel: 505-994-5081


Dr. Jaelyn deMaria

Tel: 505-463-6011

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Dr. Cacari Stone has dedicated over 30 years of public health leadership in advancing health policy and racial equity for diverse communities. She has government, non-profit and policy experience as a former licensed behavioral health provider (LMFT# 2031), director for a home visiting child welfare program (Viva Family Services/Children’s Home & Aide Society, IL), director of senior services (Hinsdale, IL), executive director of a rural federally qualified mental health clinic (Vistas del Sol/Presbyterian Medical Services), state health officer (NM Department of Health), federal women’s health liaison (USDHHS), policy analyst (NM State Legislature, U.S. Senate H.E.L.P. Committee) assistant director of health policy (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded Center at UNM).

Dr. Cacari Stone is trusted for convening diverse stakeholders for strategic planning, engaged policy making, evaluation and research and grants management. Currently she is the Executive Director of a National Research Center of Excellence funded by the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities. In this role, she oversees the daily operations of the center including: budgeting, reporting, contracts and purchasing, human resource management, social media, human subjects protections, strategic planning, facilitation of co-leadership across faculty, project management and resource development and project implementation. 

Her collaborative grants portfolio of $26 million spans across the macro-level determinants of health (e.g. health reform), to the community level (e.g. impact of neighborhood context and migration on substance use), to the interpersonal level (e.g. role of family and provider communication on chronic disease management among Latinos). A thought leader in health equity policy and community engagement, Lisa recently launched an “Equity in Policy Institute” which is training 14 place-based teams in evidence-informed policy making and the production of Equity Policy Briefs, digital stories and policy dialogues.

Dr. Cacari Stone has written multiple articles (i.e. Health Affairs, American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Rural Health) and policy reports and delivered speeches nationwide on health equity, insurance coverage gaps and solutions and effective community and public engagement approaches. 


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Digital Story Lab Project Lead

Jaelyn deMaría is a Chicana multimedia story producer, with more than 20 years experience serving communities in New Mexico as a journalist. She is currently a faculty member in the Communication & Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico. She is a former staff photographer for the Albuquerque Journal and former reporter for the Rio Grande Sun in Española, New Mexico. Her research interests are centered in the intersections of intercultural communication and anti colonial media studies, through a lens of indigenous visual communication. She approaches teaching and research through a service learning and community engagement model. She currently serves on the advisory board for Generation Justice and as an advisor on the University of New Mexico Publications Board. She is the recipient of the 2018 Sara Belle Brown Award for Community Service, the Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, and the Land Grant Studies Fellowship from the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute. 

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Multimedia production expert

Uriel Martinez is originally from Ciudad Juarez, he’s a photographer, graphic designer and videographer in Albuquerque, NM. Uriel actively supports and works with organizations that promote civil rights and social justice in the community. In his free time, he enjoys capturing the beauty of our diverse and history-rich state in photo and video format. He looks forward to continuing empowering communities in NM by providing them with the tools to share their stories visually and on emerging platforms.

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Roberto E. rosales

Multimedia production expert

Roberto Rosales is a staff photographer for the Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico’s largest newspaper, where he concentrates on issues such as immigration and breaking news. He teaches photography courses at the University of New Mexico’s Film and Digital Arts (FDA) department as well as photojournalism courses in the Communication and Journalism Department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Art Education. When he’s not working with his camera, he mentors up and coming photographers on developing their vision. He has also conducted documentary field classes in Cuba and Mexico.


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Carlos Linares Koloffon

Research Scientist

Carlos is a physician, his research interests are cardiovascular and kidney disease, health care systems, equity and youth wellbeing, social media, public health communication, and telemedicine. Currently, is a Research Scientist at the TREE Center.

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